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Estate Planning, Wills, & Trusts

Estate Planning is the best way to protect your assets and property against mismanagement or losses due to your death or incapacity. If you die without a will or trust, your estate of any size will move into Probate, where an impartial judge will appoint someone to administer the particulars of your estate. They most likely will have no idea at all about how you want your estate handled or to which heirs you want that estate distributed.

Probate Law

Planning ahead so that your family is well taken care of after your death frees your loved ones from worrying about probate court costs and disbursing your estate and assets during a time of grief. At Boss Law, Steven Boss works closely with clients to develop a complete plan so that your family can grieve properly when you’re gone. If you are a family facing probate court in Dallas, TX, we can help you minimize costs and receive the inheritance to which you are entitled.

Ideally, all parties want to avoid the probate process. The best way to do that is to properly prepare for your passing or by assuring your assets, expenses, and medical care are to be handled in the fashion you desire. Our professional advice is tailored to your specific situation- call today.

Boss Law

Clients from across the state of Texas rely on estate planning advice and legal representation from Attorney Steven S. Boss, of Boss Law, in Dallas, TX. Steven is licensed to practice law in Texas and in California. His estate planning work is primarily done through creation of general wills and trusts for clients with estates valued under $10 million. His broad education in law and corporate experience in the business world combine to give him special insight into potential problems that can be avoided through thoughtful estate planning.

At Boss Law, we play a valuable role in the probate court process. During this process, you have many options as the executor, spouse, heirs and beneficiaries. Boss Law can represent the estate itself, the executor of the estate, or the beneficiaries of the estate, depending on the circumstances.

For more information on executor roles, spousal rights, notice to heirs and beneficiaries, estate tax returns, and our probate attorney roles in completing the Texas probate process, give us a call today.

Dallas Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts Lawyer

In his work as a Dallas Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts Lawyer, Attorney Steven S. Boss regularly helps clients with estates of all sizes create custom documents that will provide direction for others in the event the client dies or becomes incapacitated and is unable to manage their affairs. In Texas, if you die without a will or trust, your estate can be probated; those estates where there is a will may also go into Probate. This is why you must work with a competent, honest and knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney when you plan for your estate management.