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What is Probate?

This is simply a legal term for the process of administering a person’s estate after they’ve passed on. In order to probate the estate, an executor is named as the representative and then the executor handles the financial aspects including creditors, estate taxes, selling assets and distributing the remainder to the heirs. This is also the time when any disputes in regard to the validity of the will are handled.

When a loved one passes away, be it your partner, relative or dear friend, an emotionally and mentally draining time follows. Not only are you trying to process the events that have just occurred, but you’re also trying to keep up with your regular work and family obligations. If you’re in a position to help with your loved one’s will, you will benefit greatly by having a probate attorney help you with the process. For residents in and around San Diego, probate attorney J. Wiley Jones is ready to simplify the process for you and see that every step is completed so that the process doesn’t take any longer than necessary.

Attorney J. Wiley Jones will help you:

• File the petition and certificate of death.
• Notify all named heirs
• Appoint a person to execute the will
• Settle the finances of the deceased
• Review and deny or approve estate claims
• Sell remaining parts of the estate
• Distribute assets in accordance with the will

On their own, each of these tasks can take up several, if not more, hours of time, and the learning curve is high. Attorney Jones has dedicated his career to helping California residents with their probate and estate issues.

Let Attorney J. Wiley Jones Help

San Diego attorney J. Wiley Jones has probated more than sixty estates, many of which were complex and has assets exceeding a million dollars. He knows California probate law thoroughly. Not all estates pass through probate with ease. He’s had his share of complex estates that required Probate Court litigation including estates where there were disputes about gifts left to caregivers; one beneficiary who made a claim to be the sole heir and cases where there was a breach of fiduciary duty by the Trustee.

Work with Probate Attorney J. Wiley Jones

To get the most up-to-date information on probating a will in California, you want Attorney Jones to help you. Not only will he advise you on how to best carry out your duties as the administer or executor of your loved one’s will, but he’ll also help you avoid liability and tax issues. He’s ready to guide you every step of the way. If you’re looking for an experienced attorney with integrity who knows the intricacies of the probate system, including taxation and estate planning Contact his office today to set up an appointment.

To discuss your specific lawyer needs, please contact J. Wiley Jones at (858) 220-0919 or email him